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Outdoor Deckchairs Wheeled Recliners and Chaise Lounges
  1. Alexa Recliner 5603-22 by Royal Garden
    Wheeled Chaise Recliner 5603-22 in Grey - Adjustable backrest and trailer, with Samaringa Teak armrests W 78 cm x D 195 cm x H 58 cm.
  2. Avalounge Recliner 01628-600 by Kettler
    In Champagne or in Mocca colour. Aluminum and TextileneŽ Weatherproof and colourfast. Length 200cm x width 82cm x height 40cm Weight: 28.2 kg. Cushion designs 238, 320, 321, 322, 325.
  3. Avant-Chairs Recliner 01628-000 by Kettler
    Wheeled Chaise Aluminium frame with exchangeable Textilene® covering, weatherproof, colourfast, wash and wear (LxWxH) 200 x 82 x 40 cm Weight: 17 kg.
  4. Balero Recliner 5393 by Royal Garden
    Roll Couch Chaise Longues 5393 in -46 graphite or -664 Azure with cast aluminum components in cool grey (-46) and/or graphite (-664) Head and trailer adjustable W 83 cm x D 189 cm H 53.5 cm.
  5. Camara Recliner 30 12043 4800 by Royal Garden
    Wheeled recliner in graphite. Width 83cm x Length 188cm x Height 56cm. Head and trailer are fully adjustable, from aluminum, in natural coloured wickerwork, with Teak appliques.
  6. Caribic Recliner 01691 by Kettler
    Wheeled deck chaise in white 01691-000 Constructed of full polymers Caribic is weatherproof, colourfast, and wash and wear. Seat level and back enjoy multi adjustments. Size (LxWxH) 192 x 65 x 90 cm. Weight 28.5 Kg
  7. Domino Recliner 5463-20 by Royal Garden
    Wheeled recliner in steel grey, stackable. Width 79cm x Length 193cm x Height 56.5cm. The headrest and trailer are fully adjustable.
  8. Ergo Tilting Couch 5604-22 by Royal Garden
    Wheeled Chaise Recliner 5604-22 in Grey with Armrests of Samaringa Teak W 76 cm x D 160 cm x H 110 cm.
  9. Havana Adirondack Traditional by Leblon
    No: 1912
  10. Havana Adirondack White by Leblon
    No: 1911 Folding chair
  11. Mandalay Sunlounger by Leblon
    No: 1980
  12. Melange Recliner 01418 by Kettler
    Wheeled recliner Chaise Longue, hinged and fully adjustable. Comes in a co-ordinated champagne and mocca 01418-200. Frame is aluminium with patented Hularo® open weave textile. Completely weatherproof, colourfast, wash and wear. Size: (LxWxH) 66 x 64 x 110 cm weight: 11 kg.
  13. Mexico Recliner 01687 by Kettler
    Not Available
  14. Mistral Deck Chair 01673 by Kettler
    Adjustable deckchair in white 01673-000 or silver 01673-700 Aluminium frame with Textilene® fabric. Units are stackable, weatherproof, colourfast, wash and wear. Approx. Size (LxWxH) 190 x 74 x 39 cm Weight: 6.5 kg
  15. Monte Recliner 5623-22 by Royal Garden
    Recliner couch Chaise lounge 5623-22 in steel-grey, adjustable head and trailer: width 82 cm x 198 cm long x height 57 cm.
  16. Primero Recliner 3423-21 by Royal Garden
    Wheeled Chaise Recliner 3423-21, Grey with Teak armrests, Adjustable headrest & trailer W 83 cm x D 186.5 cm x H 48.5 cm.
  17. Raffles Sunlounger by Leblon
    No: 1808 200x62cm
  18. Sena Recliner by Royal Garden
    Wheeled recliner in graphite, aluminium frame with black network suspension, and cast metal armrests. Width 83cm x length 186cm x height 56cm
  19. Senio Recliner 15043-21 by Royal Garden
    Wheeled recliner in steel grey, with teak appliques and tray, fully adjustable. Width 106cm x Length 189cm x Height 56cm.
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